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Donor Media Toolkit

Key Dates:

  • Auction Opens: Thursday, May 25, 2017
  • Auction Ends: 6pm ET / 3pm PT – Thursday, June 1, 2017

General Recommendations / Tips

Email Newsletter

Send an eBlast to all your customers / followers / e-mail subscribers promoting your participation in the auction and encouraging your clients to register and bid.

Sample content:

Want to make a difference at origin while also getting some world class coffee? Get involved in the Grounds for Health Auction! For over 20 years, Grounds for Health has been delivering life-saving healthcare to women in coffee-growing communities and we’re proud to feature in this online event. Check out our offerings: <insert link to your donor page found HERE>
All proceeds benefit women’s health programs in Latin America and East Africa. This is a great opportunity to support Grounds for Health’s work to prevent cervical cancer, the leading cause of cancer death among women in developing countries.

Email Signature

Put the following at the bottom of all your emails from now through June 1. Feel free to edit / modify to meet your needs.


We are proud to participate in the 2017 Grounds for Health Auction. Purchase our coffee to support women’s health in coffee-growing communities!
Register to bid!


Homepage Images

Insert the following images on your homepage with links to: https://www.gfhauction.org – contact Justin for custom sizing requests: auction@groundsforhealth.org






  • Use tag: #GFHAuction and link to https://www.gfhauction.org


Cover Photos

Through June 1, we recommend switching out your company’s Facebook Cover to one of the below images. Your followers will see this image when they view your company page. How to switch your Facebook Cover »

GFH-auction-fb-1 GFH-auction-fb-2

Facebook Profile Photo

You can also switch your profile photo to the image below. This is the image that shows next to your posts on your follower’s walls. How to change your company page’s profile photo »



Example Posts

  • Register to bid on our coffees and help out a great cause! Grounds for Health Coffee Auction: https://www.gfhauction.org
  • Our coffee for a cause: Grounds for Health Coffee Auction: https://www.gfhauction.org
    EVEN BETTER: link directly to your company’s donor page found here: https://www.gfhauction.org/donors
  • We are proud to participate in this year’s Grounds for Health Coffee Auction. Register to bid on our green coffee: https://www.gfhauction.org/register/

Other Tips

  • Be sure to follow Grounds for Health: http://facebook.com/groundsforhealth and share our posts about the auction with your followers
  • Be creative and have fun! The more of your customers who register and bid, the more money you raise for Grounds for Health.


  • Follow @grounds4health and retweet our posts about the auction
  • Use the hashtag #GFHAuction
  • Whenever possible, please link to our Twitter handle: @groundsforhealth
  • You can use any of the above images in your tweets

Sample Tweets:

  • Bid to win our coffees during the #GFHAuction. Thru June 1: http://bit.ly/2r4tAGL
  • Proud to support the #GFHAuction. All proceeds benefit @grounds4health http://bit.ly/2r4tAGL
  • Get involved: Bid on our coffee during the #GFHAuction: http://bit.ly/2r4tAGL

Stories & Videos

“For me, Grounds for Health is an opportunity, something positive. It is a privilege to have such wonderful professionals come here to train us. Above all, it has been a benefit for the women of the area.” – From: Most Significant Change – Importance of Training

“[Thanks to] this project, we are avoiding many children being left without their mom, many families being destroyed, and many women dying from this problem.” – From: Nicaragua – Bringing Us Together


Why help promote the auction?

As a donor, when you help promote the Grounds for Health Coffee Auction, you not only increase the likelihood of the auction’s success, but you also make the entire process easier for yourself. For example, if existing customers purchase your coffee, they can add their winnings to a current order to lower shipping costs. You already have a relationship with them and by promoting the auction you become an advocate for the work of Grounds for Health. In our view, that’s a win-win situation!

We’ve put together these resources you can use in your social media and marketing campaigns. If you have any questions or special requests, please contact Justin: justin@groundsforhealth.org.

Before you start anything, be sure to follow Grounds for Health:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groundsforhealth
Twitter: http://twitter.com/grounds4health