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Boot Coffee In-Person Course: Foundations of Coffee (SCAA)


Boot Coffee In-Person Course: Foundations of Coffee (SCAA)

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Join expert instructors at the world class boot coffee campus to earn your scaa foundations credits, the prerequisite for all SCAA Pathway’s Certificates in coffee tasting, coffee roasting, green coffee buying, and barista skills. SCAA Pathway courses provide the hands-on experience and knowledge to pursue a successful career in the specialty coffee industry.

Willem Boot and lead trainer Marcus Young will personally share with you their extensive knowledge. Boot Coffee Campus Foundations of Coffee courses provide solid hands-on training on a variety of equipment and offer many opportunities to taste coffees, explore customer service standards, develop sensory skills, and understand coffee extraction. We allow for sufficient one-one-one interaction with the trainers, who have combined more than 30 years of expertise.

Foundations of Coffee (one intensive day) provides students with a comprehensive overview of the entire supply chain of coffee; from the seed to the brewed cup. This is a SCAA pathway course and it is the most comprehensive 1-day course one can take in the industry. We also teach various parts of the curriculum of Boot Coffee Campus and it is the introduction to all SCAA Pathways. In Foundations of Coffee students develop a common verbal and sensory vocabulary that forms the backbone of the Roaster, Coffee Buyer, Coffee Taster, and Barista Pathways.

Key Learnings in Foundations of Coffee:

  • Seed to Cup
  • Principles of extraction and coffee brewing
  • Introduction to Cupping
  • Customer Service
  • And MUCH more!

Graduates of Foundations of Coffee will receive credits for the following SCAA Courses:

  • CB100 – Seed to Cup
  • CP103 – Customer Service Essentials
  • CP151 – Brewing and Extraction Principles
  • CP152 – Brewing and Extraction Principles Applied
  • GE103* – Orientation to SCAA Cupping

The courses will be at the NEW BOOT COFFEE CAMPUS at 619 Lindaro Street, San Rafael, CA

All Levels include lunches and a comprehensive professional techniques manual.

For more information visit: https://bootcoffee.com/product/foundations/

Boot Coffee In-Person Course: Foundations of Coffee (SCAA)
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